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Taking a page from the many other industries that have adopted technology, health care needs to become more customer-centric. The growing use of data, mobile and cloud technologies is disrupting the old model, where health care providers and insurance companies were part of a health system-driven model now they need to be part of a system that is customer-driven as patients demand choice and control.

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Technology can reduce costs and improve care. But many doctors, as are many other small businesses, discovering they are spending too much time and money worrying about implementing the right technology that meets all the regulations.

This is where ElastaHealth comes in. As a one-stop provider of communication equipment, computers, Internet service, email, file management, data centres and everything else to create the modern connected clinic. We customize every client’s solution with just the IT you need.

A history of success

A new IT ecosystem for health is emerging and our parent company ElastaLink, has decades of experience in IT and PC as a Service that puts us ahead of other providers.

Are you ready to reduce costs and focus on patients

ElastaHealth delivers a complete system, not just some of what you need. Since we control it all, that means only one call by you to resolve any IT issues or if you decide you need to grow or modify your systems - we're the first to help.
"It is time for digital first and move away from always face-to-face care. We must move from physician-centred to patient-centered care. Going digital is both complimentary to what exists but also it is inevitable. "
⁠—Dr. Rob Williams, Chief Medical Officer for the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

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