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ElastaHealth has deployed managed IT services and solutions to a growing number of dental and healthcare professionals in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. We offer a 24/7 customer-centric support connection that grants users access to vital services, easy-request service options, simple invoicing, ongoing learning opportunities, and much more.

What we offer.

  • Business essentials
  • Customized services
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Business Essentials

    We can simplify your billing and regulatory requirements with advanced faxing, secure connectivity, email, file sharing, storage and backup. Our full scope of Business Essentials includes:


    Healthcare providers need scalable phone systems that can handle peak demand and efficiently distribute patient calls. Furthermore, a phone system must support complicated call routing for after hours on-call decisions and emergency call lists. If you belong to a medical group with multiple locations, your phone system must deliver free calling, share resources, and even provide call failover to another site if a receptionist is too busy at a primary location. ElastaLink’s extensive experience with healthcare providers means we know how to meet your business and regulatory requirements.


    Healthcare is one of the few industry sectors which still relies heavily on faxing. Our digital Fax service ElastaFax enhances your existing fax service, by delivering fax documents to your computer, email, or even EMR as a PDF or TIFF image. This makes record storage more secure and regulatory compliance easier. Furthermore, you will be able to send requisition forms, prescriptions and other documents directly from your patient record, minimizing post-visit paperwork. Contact us today to find out how we can streamline your fax service.


    Business statistics show that workstations in healthcare organizations typically experience the highest number of issues due to old hardware, insufficient IT resources, lack of hardware and software maintenance and delayed updates. ElastaLink offers PC-as-a-Service combining the latest desktop computers, modern monitors, wireless accessories, key business applications, daily off-site backup and this also includes managed, remote expert support that is just a click or call away. PC-as-a-Service delivers a predictable monthly fee and and sharply reduces high, up-front, capital expenditures and delivers predictable support and maintenance costs.


    Many provincial regulations require healthcare organizations to not only have fast but fully redundant Internet access. This is especially true for healthcare providers that must access patient data located at remote sites. However, many healthcare organizations cannot afford to pay the full price for a secondary connection just in case the primary connection fails. This is the reason ElastaLink has bundled a cost-effective, fully-redundant Internet service in a turnkey solution that is tailored for healthcare providers.
  • Customized Services

    We provide critical health care IT and telecom services to assist you in delivering high-quality patient care. At the same time, optimizing your digital value chain. Health care organizations that fail to utilize digital assets efficiently will be left behind. Our full scope of Customized Services include:


    ElastaHealth can help you secure your networks and third-party cloud platforms. If your business suffers a large data breach, the results could be catastrophic. ElastaHealth can create a Disaster Recovery Plan and data security audits are a great way to assess what information you have and how it flows, and identifying who has access to it, in order to build a design flow document. Understanding how sensitive information moves into, through, and out of your business, as well as who has or could have access to this information is essential to assessing security risks.


    We offer end-to-end IT services to businesses and professionals in healthcare including, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors, physicians, and other healthcare-related industries. Providing 24×7 support for your IT network and hardware equipment, we want to ensure your work is running without interruptions.


    Healthcare optimization requires better data. We help find solutions that capture the advantages of better data and in turn that will strengthen your service delivery model.


    Health care organizations can’t ignore the new digital reality. Delays in EMR performance tasks, for example, which are initiated literally millions of times a day from opening charts to scheduling clinical tests to administering medication to reviewing and updating patient records, can diminish clinical efficiency. That undermines patient care. To help simplify your digital transformation journey, as well as provide you vital EHR-transaction monitoring and other health care-specific network monitoring needs, ElastaHealth digital transformation services are here for you.
  • Integrated Solutions

    We, at ElastaHealth will serve as your single point of contact for all IT-solution needs that you would encounter daily. Some of our integrated solutions include:

    OSCAR EMR Support and Maintenance

    Complete OSCAR Electronic Medical Record solutions for your practice. The Open Source OSCAR EMR reduces costs, makes more efficient use of your time, and improves the quality of your care. Our in-depth knowledge helps you to get the most value from the information technology in your practice. Work with ElastaHealth to plan your implementation strategy and we will host, support and maintain your EMR platform while always adhering to all regulatory compliance requirements.


    We offer end to end IT services to businesses and professionals in the healthcare industry including hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors, physicians, and other healthcare related industries. Providing 24×7 support for your IT network and hardware equipment, making sure your work is running seamless and without interruptions.


    Healthcare optimization requires bettter data. We help find solutions to integrate with that will help strengthen your service delivery model. We will work to optimize your healthcare value chain to meet changing industry demands and create a more scalable and efficient system to support cost containment and quality initiatives.


    Improve your patient experience by using self-service and interaction tools to increase patient engagement. Streamline and harmonize resources, processes and workflows with optimization tools with full interoperability with OSCAR EMR.

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"It is time for digital first and move away from always face-to-face care. We must move from physician-centred to patient-centered care. Going digital is both complimentary to what exists but also it is inevitable. "
⁠—Dr. Rob Williams, Chief Medical Officer for the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

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